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HERE is a set of articles on finishing by the recently passed master Russ Fairfield.  The advice doesn't get any better than that offered by Russ. Also look at the finishing videos on  And HERE is another comprehensive article on finishing.

The information above doesn't touch on mineral oil or the like for finishing utilitarian items, so here are some thoughts:  Sanding much above 220 is probably a waste of time for oil finishes.  It may in fact be a detriment in that the surface is so polished that penetration (which you want to preserve the wood) is impeded.  Mineral oil or any nut oil is good as they don't turn rancid.  I like roasted walnut oil as it "polymerizes" (hardens and looses its tack) in time.  It also smells great.  You can get it in larger quantities at  For any utilitarian bowl I advise the cook to keep some walnut oil on hand for salads, and to renew the finish of the bowl after use, or when the wood seems dry.  Cleaning with a damp cloth, maybe with a little soap and wiping dry first is fine.  There is a lot of research such as THIS that shows that the tannins in wood are effective in knocking out bacteria.  So, obsessive washing of a bowl is not needed in my mind at least.  After applying walnut oil I will put the bowl in the microwave for a minute or until nicely warm.  It aids penetration substantially.  Wet sanding with the oil is also effective.   I like all this effort over the life of a bowl because it bonds the user to its care and improvement.  A bowl cared for this way can last generations, as they do in traditional societies. (Jerry Hall 2/3/11)

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