Foothill Wood Turners
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Walnut Bowl - Milt Schmidt
Walnut Prayer Wheel- Brad Peicemer-Glasse
Arrows & Chevrons - Segmented Bowl, 394 pieces - Art Reed
Segmented Bowl - Art Reed
Inside/Out Turning of Orna-ments - Dan Clark
Hollow Vesell - Ron Coney
Segmented Hollow Vessel - Ron Coney
Bottom of Segmented Bowl - Art Reed
Walnut Bowl - Segmented Bottom Core - Art Reed
Segmented Bowl with Finial - Bill Kinney
Madrone Bowl - Don Lawson
Pistachio Salad Bowl - Ron Coney
Tom Costaldo and his tree ornaments at Rockler meeting, January 20.
Some of Tom's Ornaments Close up.
Tom and very attentive club members.
Member Projects Demonstrations FWT Challenges
Open Segmented Bowl - Art Reed
My First Segmented Bowl - John Hogg
Foothill Turners learn how it's done at the January meeting on tree ornaments.
Dan Dever's Demo of Coring Equipment - March 2016
Andy Johnson at his lathe with a large vessel in progress.
Anothr view of Andy's lathe
Vessels turned from burls on the lathe
Ring posts also turned on the lathe
Segmented vessel of lacewood by Gerry Anderson.
Segmented vessel with spalted feature ring by Ron Coney
Jerry Hall's story board for an acorn birdhouse attached to the board on the right.
FWT Challenges- Members are given a piece of wood and asked to produce a project from it, or just given the name of a project. Winners are generally named for categories of design, finish, and best quality.
1st Challendge - 5X5X3 inch maple blank.
Winner - Design, Dan Clark
Winner - Finish, Steve Elsner
Winner (Tie) - Best Quality, BrentWebb
2nd Challenge - Tree Ornament
Winner - Design, Ron Coney
Winner - Best Quality, Brent Webb
Winner - Finish, Ron Coney
Winner (Tie) - Best Quality, Arnie Lund